Products & Services


Emergency Power Load Management Systems

Our emergency power Load Management System (LMS) is our featured engineered control system and our most sought-after product. Design for each of our Load Management Systems is tailored to the technical requirements of each project, to manage essential building load on emergency generator supply within the safe operating limits of the power generation plant. Our LMS features automatic load shedding of non-essential services, with programmed, sequential transfer and load staging of essential services onto the emergency generator supply. The primary controller for our LMS is a Schneider PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), with custom-engineered software project developed in-house by Controlmation engineers.

The LMS features extensive monitoring and alarm reporting via Schneider touch screen display panels, with optional support for remote monitoring and alarm messaging.

Our LMS supports both low level and high level communications interfacing with other building services, such as Building Management Systems (BMS), lighting control systems and Elevator systems. Signalling to these building services is provided for coordination of essential equipment operation when emergency generator power is supplying the building.


Diesel Generator Control Panels

Our generator control panels are designed for automatic operation and management of diesel generators for critical back-up power applications. We are proud to incorporate the Woodward EasYgen ™ range of generator controllers as the primary control unit within our generator control panels.

Our control panels can be supplied for basic applications, to operate a single stand-alone diesel generator set, or to operate multiple generators in synchronised parallel connection.

Our in-house engineers will configure the Woodward EasYgen ™ controller to suit the technical specifications of each generator set, and we can provide on-site testing and commissioning of the installed control panels throughout Australia.


Diesel Fuel Management Systems

Supply and storage of diesel fuel is a critical requirement for any emergency generator system. Controlmation is able to design and manufacture diesel fuel control systems to support the fuel requirements of the standby generator plant.

We have a range of standard, cost-effective diesel fuel control panels, that have been designed to suit most typical applications and fully integrate with the diesel fuel system infrastructure.

We are also able to design and manufacture customised diesel fuel control panels for more complex and larger scale diesel fuel supply and storage systems.


Diesel Fuel Leak Detection Systems

Diesel fuel leak detection is a mandatory requirement for all diesel fuel supply and storage systems.

Controlmation offers a range of diesel fuel leak detection equipment and control panels to monitor and enunciate diesel fuel leaks and to shutdown fuel delivery and fuel return pumps on detecting any diesel fuel leak.


Generator Ancillary Plant Control Systems and Auxiliary Power Supplies

Controlmation is able to offer supplementary control panels and electrical switchboards to fully support the auxiliary equipment that is often installed as integral components of an emergency generator system.

Our auxiliary equipment control panels and auxiliary power switchboards may be provided to operate generator room ventilation and extraction fans, electric radiator fans, diesel fuel pumps, fuel meters, fuel cooler fans, jacket water heaters, alternator space heaters, etc.


Maintained DC Power Supplies

Maintained power supply is critical to the continuous operation of the emergency power control system at all times. Controlmation can provide a number of different controls power supply options to fully support the controls power requirements of the control systems. Our lowest cost DC power systems start with basic battery and electronic charger systems, featuring a ‘Victron Energy’ smart battery charger and single string of VRLA control batteries mounted in a separate ventilated enclosure. We also offer supply of standard AC UPS systems to support our control panels, with a range of power output ratings to suit the duration of backup power support that is required.

At the other end of the scale we can offer high-end DC power systems that incorporate microprocessor-managed DC power supplies with multiple, hot-swappable charger rectifiers and parallel strings of VRLA or Gel batteries. These DC systems provide maximum system backup redundancy in the most critical applications.


Other Control Systems

Controlmation is often asked to develop and engineer control panels and systems for other automation and monitoring functions, apart from our niche in generator controls. Amongst the other systems we have developed are control panels for operation of generator test load banks and for an aircraft obstruction warning light monitoring system, featuring Cloud based remote monitoring and alarm messaging.

Our extensive experience in design and engineering of complex control systems places us in a good position to meet the task of developing controls solutions to satisfy a variety of control system applications.


Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Controlmation creates all of its products with design engineering and software development by its own experienced and qualified engineers and technicians. We do not contract-out any of our engineering to sub-contractors. Our control system engineers have worked extensively within the power generation industry throughout their careers and have (as a result) achieved a high degree of expertise and skill in this particular market.

We offer highly detailed CAD design drafting of our control systems, with in-house engineering of our PLC programs and SCADA/HMI projects. We provide site cable schedules with our control panels, to assist the installing electrical contractor with selection of the most appropriate cables, including all information to ensure correct termination of cables at their origin and destination. This results in fewer wiring errors and quicker testing and commissioning of the installed control systems.

We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive testing and commissioning of our control systems, both as part of our factory testing prior to shipment, and on-site. Inspection and test plans and detailed test procedures are specially developed for each project, according to its own specific technical requirements.

Our control systems are supplied with comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals, including a detailed functional description.

Our workshop in Thomastown, Melbourne is well-equipped to manufacture for all sizes of control systems, and our workshop staff are well trained, experienced, meticulous and proud of the high quality control systems they manufacture for our clients.